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Market Research

New Market Research Report:

The Japanese Market for Disease Management

Japan has announced the beginning of a national disease management program to begin in 2008.  The program requires all payers to screen and manage members between ages 40 and 74, for metabolic syndrome. 

The goal of the program is to reduce the incidence of diabetes by 25%.  The law specifically allows payers, most of whom have little or no experience with disease management, to outsource these programs to private vendors. Explicit and well-defined financial incentives are in place for payers to achieve high performance in these programs.  An estimated 52 million Japanese will be screened each year, and it is likely that at least 10 million will require active management.  The potential addressable market appears to be well over $1 billion per year.

This report will be ready for publication in Fall 2007.  Please contact Gregg Mayer for more information or to reserve a copy via the email contact form.

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